Socota Agriculture

Once a cotton farm catering for Groupe Socota’s textile requirements, the land owned by the group in the Sofia region, northwest of Madagascar, consists of 3,200 hectares of arable land.

Today, after a thorough analysis of the market and bearing in mind the sustainable development of the region, Socota Agriculture has initiated the cultivation of pulses and high-quality rice for exportation, and will further diversify to include crops with higher transformational and valueadded products destined for niche markets like specialised rice, vegetable and essential oils, natural colourants, and spices. With 1,300 hectares of fertile land already under cultivation, Socota Agriculture envisages 1,700 tonnes of crop productions, and an expansion to 4,000 hectares by 2019.

Keeping at heart the sustainable development of the region and its local communities, where microfinance and low-income enterprises lack support, Socota Agriculture seeks to partner with regional farmers through contract farming on its own land, using its expertise to provide them with all the necessary facilities, technical assistance, as well as a guaranteed market at a fair price